Getting Ahead in a Just -Getting'-By World Facilitator Training

This 8-hour certification training takes place over a two day period and prepares you to set up and facilitate the 16-week/45-hour Getting Ahead workshop. It is designed to help individuals in poverty – called investigators – take a serious look at their lives, make decisions about how they choose to build their resources for a more prosperous life for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Getting Ahead (GA) is the practical application of the Bridges Out of Poverty Model, designed to help people who are in poverty develop future stories of their choosing rather than centered on an organization’s outcome plan.

The GA Facilitator Training gives you the chance to prepare and co-facilitate a specific aspect of the Getting Ahead curriculum and find out how this workshop differs from other programs designed to help people move out of poverty by shifting the focus from facilitator expertise to investigator experience and expertise. It puts the concepts, tools and relationships in the hands of the people in poverty to make a difference in their own lives and affect their own communities as contributors. And you, as the co-facilitator, “set the stage” that allows the transformations to occur.

Those who participate will:
  • Learn the format and philosophy of the Getting Ahead Program
  • Understand the importance of the GA recruiting and orientation processes
  • Mirror the design of a Getting Ahead workshop
  • Learn and practice facilitating four key elements of the workshop
  • Be Certified Getting Ahead Facilitators through The Glen at St. Joseph and aha! Process
  • Become part of the Getting Ahead Facilitator Resource group which meets regularly to support each other and exchange facilitator tips and learning

(You will receive your own Getting Ahead workbook and Getting Ahead Facilitator Notes and Facilitator kit)

New outlooks learned from GA Facilitator Training participants:

“Each one Teach one! I learned something from everyone in the training and can now pass on what I learned.”- Glen GA Certified Facilitator

“I first learned about the Ladder of Inference at The Glen’s training. Now I use it as a tool in my everyday life. It helps me think through my assumptions about people and situations when I am working with my clients, GA Investigators and even family.”– Glen GA Certified Facilitator

Event Details

Time: 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. each day
Place: The Glen at St. Joseph Training Room

Fee:  This 8-hour training, broken up into 4-hour segments over a two-day period is $199 per person

*The Glen accepts payment by cash, check, money order, purchase order, or Paypal.

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