Curious about how things work at the Glen? Here are some questions that single moms have asked and what you might like to know about life at the Glen:

What is the Glen at St. Joseph?

The Glen at St. Joseph is a residential program for single mothers and their young children. The Glen provides a safe place for mothers, with the help of their life coaches, to plan the future they want for themselves and their families. They also have the time to educate and prepare themselves for a career they choose that will be the foundation for the life they want. While the mothers work on a certificate or college degree, their children attend a private, 5-star quality early learning center located across the parking lot.

Who does the Glen serve?

The Glen is designed to serve both single mothers and their children by engaging and empowering them while they live here. A single mom who is at least 18 years old can have one or two children, aged five or under, at the time she applies to the Glen. Other aspects of those the Glen serves are below:

  • Have custody of one or two children, aged five and under
  • Live in the Greater Miami Valley Region
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Have income less than 200% of federal poverty limit
  • Have been drug free and sober for 6 months or longer
  • Have no criminal convictions in the last 6 months
  • Are open to personal spiritual development
  • Are willing and motivated to commit to the Glen program

Do residents of the Glen pay rent?

Yes. A resident’s monthly rent is determined by a sliding scale based on her income. Included in the rent is the cost of the local phone, water and cable service. In addition, each resident has her apartment’s electric utility in her name; she is responsible for paying each monthly bill.

How long can I stay at the Glen?

Typically, the Glen at St. Joseph is a two-yearprogram. As the two year mark approaches, a resident can request a one-year extension, if she is progressing toward the goals of her Life Purpose Plan.

Will you help me find child care?

The Glen Early Learning Center, inside the gates of the Glen at St. Joseph, is a 5-Star quality rated program designed for the children of Glen residents

What do the apartments look like?

Each apartment is approximately 900 square feet in size. The living area includes a fully equipped kitchen, dining and living area. Each apartment is fully furnished and has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a laundry room with its own washer and dryer.

Can I come and go as I want?

Since this is a program for personal growth and development for both mother and child, we encourage residents to spend most of their time at the Glen. Of course, everyone can come and go as they wish; there are no curfews.

Can I have visitors?

Since this is your home, you are welcome to invite visitors. For security reasons, there are restrictions for adult males in the living area of the Glen. A comfortable Family Room is available for those visiting a resident.

What will I have to do while I live at The Glen?

The fundamental expectations of a resident of the Glen is similar to anyone attending school and living in an apartment:

  1. Keep making progress toward your educational goal
  2. Meet regularly with your Life Coach
  3. Have your child(ren) attend the Early Learning Center regularly
  4. Participate in the Glen Curriculum
  5. Maintain good standing as a tenant of the Glen

Can I have a tour of the Glen?

By all means! Please contact us at 937.252.1635 and talk to a Glen staff person. Or, email us at info@glenatstjoseph.org. Please put your name and telephone number in the message so we can get back to you quickly.

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