Established in 2006, the Glen at St. Joseph rests on property dedicated in 1849 to care for children orphaned by the terrible cholera epidemic that occurred in Dayton. For nearly 150 years, The St. Joseph Orphans Home cared for children who, by virtue of their circumstances, did not have or could not be cared-for by their parents. Those orphanage alumni who witnessed the rebirth of their “home” as The Glen at St. Joseph, continually express their gratitude for the 22-acre campus that keeps mothers and their children together as a family on this sacred ground.

The Glen sets itself apart by offering a two-generation, long term solution for single mothers. They are able to dedicate their “now” to building a future story of their own making. Everything about the Glen has been developed with intention. The 36 apartments are arranged so that residents can have privacy, yet have the option to gather in a common area so they can visit, the children can play, then they go back to their own homes. The back yard includes a back porch for visiting – or relaxing a few minutes – while the children play in the colorful, action-oriented play area.

The Glen at St. Joseph is more than a group of buildings. It is a dynamic program that helps single mothers build their resources with the support and encouragement of the Glen staff. The heartbeat of the Glen is its Certified Life Coaches. From the beginning, each resident has her own life coach to rely on for help in planning, problem solving and celebrating the small and large victories. The coach-resident relationship is primary and grows stronger and more trusting over time. Many Glen graduates keep in touch regularly with their Life Coaches, to touch base, discuss what’s happening now and to keep grounded in their decision-making.

Designed to keep mothers and children together, the Glen is meant to be a two generation program focused on the education of both mothers and children. For mothers, the holistic approach of the Glen gives them the chance to select a field of study that will fulfill them in many areas of their lives, including economically. For children, the individualized Highscope curriculum presents children with challenges and choices that expand their natural curiosity.

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