Become A Resident

If you are ready to take the next steps toward working on the future for you and your child(ren), contact the Glen by phone (937.252.1635) or email (

Talk to a staff member about when you can come for an information meeting with one of our Glen program staff members. (If you call after business hours, please leave a message with your name and telephone number so we can return your call. If you contact the Glen by email, please include your name and phone number and someone will contact you.)

So, these are the two most important steps: 1) contact us and 2) come to an information meeting!

During the information meeting, you will get an idea about how the Glen can participate and support you in your decisions about designing your family’s future. You’ll also get a picture of how other Glen residents learned and planned their future “on purpose.” You’ll have a chance to ask questions about how the Glen program works and how you can become a “Glen mom.”

If you and the Glen program staff agree that moving to the next step of becoming a Glen resident is a good idea, you can set up a follow-up one-one appointment to get the process underway!

Here is a review of the essential guidelines to help you decide if The Glen is a good fit for you and your children:

  • You have the desire and drive to grow
  • Are a single mother and are at least 18 years old
  • Have custody of one or two children, aged five and under
  • Live in the Greater Miami Valley Region
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Have income less than 200% of federal poverty limit
  • Have been drug free and sober for 12 months or longer
  • Have no criminal convictions in the last 6 months and no felony convictions
  • Are open to personal spiritual development
  • Are willing and motivated to commit to The Glen program education and employment

We look forward to talking to you about how The Glen can open the doorway to your future story!

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